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Take a look at some of our recent porcelain paving work around Dublin.

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Why choose porcelain?

Porcelain-tiled patios have become increasingly popular in Dublin, providing a superb alternative for garden, patio, or pathway surfaces. At Central Landscaping, our expert team excels in laying down porcelain tiles for diverse outdoor areas.

What makes porcelain an excellent choice? It stands the test of time due to its durability and minimal maintenance needs. Its resistance to UV rays ensures that it retains its vibrant colour even after enduring years of sun and rain. Plus, with a variety of shades, patterns, and dimensions available, you're spoilt for choice when tailoring your outdoor design.

Another great benefit of porcelain is its anti-slip properties. This makes it a trusted material for spaces that see a lot of moisture, from pool sides to open-air dining patios.

By choosing Central Landscaping, you're investing in Dublin's finest porcelain patio professionals. We've crafted countless patios, each seamlessly blending with the specific character of its garden or outdoor space.

How do we produce these robust porcelain tiles? They are crafted from a blend of premium clay, sand, and feldspar, pressed and then baked at elevated temperatures, which enhances their density and resilience. Certain variants even incorporate grinding beads to further fortify the tile structure. Owing to the higher firing temperature compared to their ceramic counterparts, porcelain tiles showcase enhanced rigidity and a greater resistance to external stains and wear.

Our meticulous installation process involves setting up the porcelain tiles on a moisture-rich mortar foundation. We prime each tile with a specially formulated slurry to amplify tile adherence. Our cutting-edge tools, ensure every cut is flawless.

For the final touch, we fill the gaps between tiles with a durable resin geo-fix grout that's resilient to mould. Alternatively, customers can choose a mortar joint that stands up to intense cleaning methods like jet washing.

Besides porcelain, our repertoire also includes various other patio styles and options, from traditional patios to driveways, artificial grass installations, and much more.

Curious about our past projects? Visit our gallery or reach out to our team and we'll be delighted to help you out.

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